metallic paint faux finishes

metallic paint faux finishes
metallic ceiling

Sunday, August 31, 2014

New Nursery decorating trends and murals on Long Island

In the past few months I have been getting many calls for nursery murals , these calls are a bit different from the usual sports murals, jungle murals, and princess murals, Ive done in the past. My clients want something different for their baby nurseries, the trend in nurseries now a days is bling! Bling meaning glitter, jewels, foils, and metallics. Almost half of the nursery furniture is grey, platinum, pewter or rich dark woods for cribs and changing tables. Incorporating these elements into wall finishes, and murals is a lot of fun, some of the finished include faux painted argyle, stripes, fun patterns, and stencils. The murals themselves seem to be a bit more sophisticated, and less baby driven. Foils and gold leaf used in the patterns also add a touch of that royal feel for your little princess or prince.The photos included in this blog show a striped nursery with a cloud ceiling mural
, an airplane mural with a suprise 3 d element of a real propeler and finally a magnificent ceiling mural with metallic foils. see my website for more nursery mural ideas at