metallic paint faux finishes

metallic paint faux finishes
metallic ceiling

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Long Island Muralist recognized for excellence by

Long Island Muralist Arlene Mcloughlin is proud to announce for the second year in a row, recognition from for customer satisfaction, and excellence. We have a full portfolio showing our high end work on, we offer color consultations, design suggestions, artistic painting, murals and faux painting. See our full website as well for new projects. Our facebook page is updated twice weekly with projects we are working on.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Plank wood walls

Plank wood, reclaimed wood and drift type woods are a hot commodity right now in wall decor. Recently , I have done several work for several clients utilizing real and faux painted plank wood looks. Depending upon your budget real wood can be installed relatively easily with a few power tools and an experienced crafts person. If your budget is more cost conscious a faux painted look can achieve the look of beahed wood, driftwood, or reclaimed barnwood. I'm including several photos showing numerous color options and styles.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Guggenheim Castle Designer Showcase

Arlene Mcloughlin is proud to announce her participation in a very special Designer Showcase. The Sands Point preserve is hosting its second annual Designer Showcase. In affiliation with Silvana Locciasano at Bella Casa Designs , the pair teamed up to create the ultimate luxurious "man cave" The room entitled "Play Like a King" features faux painted alligator , murals, venetian plaster, fabulous window treatments and details for royalty including leather game chairs, a custom poker table and more. The showcase runs at the Preserve from November 1 till the 30th

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Sands Point Preserve Designer showcase

The 2014 Designer showcase at the Sands Point Preserve is located in the Hempstead House also known as the Guggenheim Castle. Our room won out of26 a place in the top 5 from Shawn Elliot Luxury Magazine. I am proud and excited to have joined forces with Silvana Locciasano of Balla Home Designs. Together we created our room appropriately titled "Play like a King" our man cave themed playroom is room 22 in the 26 room show featuring some of the best design firms on Long Island. Our room features an alligator faux painted accent all behind the fireplace, faux painted leather panels, a fantastic plaster finish with gold leaf and a trompe l'oiel marble fireplace surround. The ornamental plaster relieves, on the ceiling original to the castle were nuanced with gold leaf. Some of the artwork in the room as painted by me including the large joker, queen and king paintings. The staging done by Bella Home featurea rich wood poker table, fabulous leather chairs , stunning window treatments and beautiful masculine accents throughout. The showcase runs the entire month of November from 10-4 closed Tuesdays and Thanksgiving.

Friday, October 17, 2014

South Hampton Mural

The Gas Hampton Station on 39 got a big facelift this past summer, going from a dull grey box that had no curb appeal, to a fun fully muraled seascape that reminds every one who passes it that the vacation is about to begin. I spent about a week painting the Montauk lighthouse, cabanas, umbrellas and bathers on the three sides of the building . The customers stopping all day enjoyed the transition and watching it happen! The outdoor mural is weather treated and should last for years to come

Sunday, August 31, 2014

New Nursery decorating trends and murals on Long Island

In the past few months I have been getting many calls for nursery murals , these calls are a bit different from the usual sports murals, jungle murals, and princess murals, Ive done in the past. My clients want something different for their baby nurseries, the trend in nurseries now a days is bling! Bling meaning glitter, jewels, foils, and metallics. Almost half of the nursery furniture is grey, platinum, pewter or rich dark woods for cribs and changing tables. Incorporating these elements into wall finishes, and murals is a lot of fun, some of the finished include faux painted argyle, stripes, fun patterns, and stencils. The murals themselves seem to be a bit more sophisticated, and less baby driven. Foils and gold leaf used in the patterns also add a touch of that royal feel for your little princess or prince.The photos included in this blog show a striped nursery with a cloud ceiling mural
, an airplane mural with a suprise 3 d element of a real propeler and finally a magnificent ceiling mural with metallic foils. see my website for more nursery mural ideas at

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Raising hopes and homes on Long Islands south shore and improving the appearance with murals

The after math of hurricane Sandy left an enormous amount of homes devastated as well as unsavable, many homes were left with the great task of raising their homes. After the homes are raised often on cement, or cement pilings people are left with an 8 foot slab or multiple collumns. In recent months I have been commissioned by a great many homeowners looking to beautify these concrete slabs. We just finished a slab 30 feet by 8 feet in Island Park area that faces a canal, we did a simple tropical scene complete with water , sky and palm trees. Exterior grade latex paints were used and the results are a very pretty alternative to an otherwise ugly wall. These murals are affordable and last an average of 10 years with out major touch ups. As always murals add a feel of custom artwork to any space interior or exterior, but in the case of raised homes on Long Islands decimated south shore these murals also offer an expression of hope and strength that these homes are done and finally passed the storm. for more murals see my website at

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Livingston , New Jersey Mural project. this mural project was exciting for me because it was in a new development in the prestigious Bel Aire section of New Jersey, the client found me on by viewing my idea books there and seeing my existing projects. we designed the mural to fit in pre existing boxes that were the focal point of the magnificent two story foyer. The client wanted a tropical feel that was muted and not over whelming. I used a soft color palette in soft shades of greens and golds, the walls were softly stippled first to give a nice warm background for the murals.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Chinoiserie mural

This is a recent project I just finished in Glen Head NY. The chinoiserie style mural is all handpainted and comprised of a total of 17 separate vignettes. When I was approached by the designer to create this chinoiserie painting I was asked to take into consideration the clients home which was a traditional center hall colonial with very traditional lines and moldings. The Clint did not want the design so filled in as was the case with many wall papers in this classic chinoiserie style. I designed a macquette with a more open design using flowers and bamboo leaves specific to the clients tastes. Since the walls were separated by breaks and moldings I decided to create each mural as it's own chinoiserie panel as opposed to one continuous panoramic mural. The result in a soft grey \ blue background with cream colored leaves and florals is a dreamy soft oriental inspired show stopper when you enter the home.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Faux Paint trends on Long island

Continuing trends in faux painting and decorative paint treatments on long island this year seem to be still holding strong with a more updated and clean look. I am getting requests for more venetian plaster, more troweled tight Lusterstone and the ever popular metallic paint finishes. My best selling finishes are still the metallic tissue paper finishes, i have less requests for tuscan or mediterenean looks. Metallics applied in simple layered washes, over texture and in pattern forms are trends worth paying attention to. Metals don't have to mean contemporary or modern, these finishes can still radiate that arm home look that people like, these paints from Modern masters, and Faux Effects come in such brilliant colors that the options for a gorgeous back ground or accent wall are limitless. I really like using these paints on ceilings and in murals, the effects are stunning.