hand painted kitchen cabinets

hand painted kitchen cabinets
hand painted kitchen cabinets

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Handpainted Kitchen Cabinets

A growing trend in the remodeling business on Long Island is hand painted or refurbished kitchen cabinets.the benefits of painting a pre existing kitchen are huge. the savings of thousands of dollars in comparison to buying new cabinets , as well as the freedom to actually design your own paint job. I have painted numerous kitchens in a distressed, shabby style. More recently I have been getting requests for black, red, grey and metallic cabinets, many clients do thier island a different color which is also very fresh looking. Repainting your cabinets is a relatively painless project as there is very little dust or disruption, the job usually takes about 3 to 5 days and the results are stunning.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Venetian plaster two story doer with fabulous gold foil tray ceiling faux painting on Long Island

Trend alert! The Italian look in plasters is still a strong look on Long Island in the faux painting world. The look is being accentuated with heavy rough plasters, stenciling and a modern twist of foils, leaf and metallic accents are giving the look a new and modern feel. The foyer pictured here is a two story foyer with a heavy knock down of a terra cotta Venetian plaster , the wonderful millwork is stained dark and really frames the beautiful gold foil tray ceiling as the focal point of the room All painting done by Arlene Mcloughlin Mural studio

Saturday, November 9, 2013

SilverLeaf coffered ceiling

This gorgeous ceilings was a pleasure for us to work on, located on beautiful Central Park West, the room screams of subdued elegance. With the lovely millwork, and high ceilings, the coffers needed a very soft feel. We applied a light base coat of Benjamin Moore dove grey to the ceiling, then a soft glaze faux finish using Benjamin Moore wolf grey. The effect is a soft cloud like glaze inside the boxes. Next we added a little "bling" with a 1/2 bead of silver aluminum leaf along the outer edges of the moldings. The effect is quite stunning, with out over powering the room . For more faux finishes, glazes, and decorative painting in Manhattan, and Long Island please visit www.arlenemurals.com

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Custom painted Basketball courts

Here's a fun weekend project that I have collaborated on with my friend Howie Byrnes. He takes care of the asphalt, pavers and general construction of the custom backward basketball court and I do the painting. We have done several of these custom basketball courts the latest one is a New York Knicks colored and themed court. Located in Massapequa , N on the water the back yard view s magnificent! What better way to enjoy a family basketball than your own backyard court. We use industrial paints from Benjamin Moore . The basketball key and 3 point arc are all to NBA standard measurements.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A faux finish extravaganza in Rockville Centre

This spectacular home in Rockville Centre NY was finished about a year ago. We had the pleasure and the challenge of finishing the main entry way foyer. The focal points in the foyer are the 28 foot dome ceiling surrounded by large coffers. The dome has a copper faux finish with textural tissue paper. The coffers are treated with luster stone plaster and a hand painted all over stencil pattern. The walls have a soft multi colored faux finish glaze treatment. We extended the stenciling and plaster to the staircase underside as well. The spiral staircase has rosettes that we aged and gold leafed. The final results are an extremely warm, and inviting entryway that is opulent and grand with out over whelming.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Social media marketing for muralists, and faux painters.

Utilizing social media in today's market is as important for muralists, artists, and faux painters as a solid portfolio. Facebook business pages are a great start to enhancing your companies social media presence. The use of Facebook drives traffic to your website blinking photos, deals, classes and recent mural projects to your potential clients. Inviting past clients to like and share your page creates a presence on the web and allows people to see your work for free. Houzz.com is another fine example for muralists and faux painters to enjoy the opportunity to share projects, photos and interact with potential clients and other trades unique to the interior industry through question and answer forums, as well as suggestions, idea books and favorite project options. The opportunity to have reviews , and detailed descriptionsis a plus on Houzz http://www.houzz.com/photos/5966647/Fabulous-ceilings-traditional-dining-room-new-york

Saturday, August 3, 2013


I have just returned from a trip to the Meditereanean. I will be posting about some of the highlights in up coming posts from a muralist, faux finish, and decorative artists point. Of view. Today I post on a spiritual point of view. I had done minimal research on one of our ports, this was Kusdasi, Turkey. I didn't know what to. Expect except lovely bneaches and lots of shopping so when I heard some of the oldest and best ruins to be seen in all of Europe were here naturally I planned a visit. What I also found exciting was a chance to visit that actual, last home of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Both the ruins and the home of Mary are located. In Ephesus, a scenic short taxi or bus ride rom the port. The home of Mary is located at the top of a mountain that is secluded and set into woods. The smell of floral was overwhelming on the 95 degree July day. Oddly the secada bugs got louder and louder as you walked to the top and got near the house. The house itself is a small clay brick modest house with two small rooms. Now there is a shrine with candles and a statue of Mary, as well as an area where Joghn Paul the second left his offerings to her. As I approached the candlelit statue I was overcome with emotion. Hoards of people were there with me all denominations, races and ages, quietly bowing, kneeling and praying. Outside the house. Is a natural spring that has free flowing blessed holy water. For those who wish to fill a bottle and take it home its advised for its healing properties. A walk down the hill and you are ebntering the ancient city of Ephsus where Alexander the Great, Constantine and Cleopatra all rode their mighty chariots through the gleaming marble streets. What was so extroidinary about these ruins were that indeed the mosaics were preserved as well as friezes, bass relief and full statues still stood tall and proud. One. Of thge first amphitheater ever was built, we went one of us climbed to the to pas the other stood center stage and talked, the acoustics were pretty amazing! A 2000 year old library facade is the relic cherry on the cake so to speak, the facade with its two stor arches, niches and columns still stands mostly complete in the blaring sun. A few statues fill in the niches. Walking through the streets you will see pipelines, these people had running hot and cold water! Imagine 2000 years!! I have things that are ten years old that are defunct!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

A decorative painting event!

This year has been a world wind of fantastic opportunities for. Faux painting and murals. In May I had the unique opportunity to join 50 other decorative artists from around the globe for a week long mural, and faux painting extravaganza in the first ever decorative arts convention in Japan. This years annual Salon of Decorative painters was held in Tokyo,Japan. Hosted buy the dynamic and gracious Yaeko Kurimata . The week long event showcased the talents of select participants. Each. Artist was able to display a finished panel as well as participate in the community mural as well as work on their own demonstration pieces. The theme "East meets West " sharing, encompassed many traditional examples. Of decorative arts, like wood grain, and marble as well as gilding, and grottesca. The exhibition offered many opportunities for the artists to get to know one another on a more personal level which is what makes the annual event such a wonderful opportunity. Salon 2014 will take place in Seattle, I hope to see many old friends and make new friends next year. I look forward to the techniques that are shared each year, going to the event offers my the opportunity to share these skills with my clients here on Long Island.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

5 months post Hurricane Sandy

It's been almost a month to the day since my last post! How time flies when you are busy! We, meaning myself and my helping hands who work with me are currently helping restore our 27th home post Sandy. Things are starting to come around for people, many who lost their first floor and or basements are re-floored, re-rocked and ready for paint. This is all good news for so many people. Thank God the weather has begun to warm up too. A few things post Sandy I think will be in the forefronts of people's minds along he shoreline of the south shore will be tides during storms. Post Sandy we have had 3 pretty wet, rainy storms, all have brought water, scary enough to make people nervous about flooding again. The other thing I have noticed is the abundance of dead trees away from the shore. There are dead white pines, cedars and other smaller shrubs all around the island. I think it has something to do with all the salt that was in the air during that storm. Quite the weather anomaly . Long Islanders still continue to preserve and be strong.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Almost 4 months!

Well, the Hurricane Sandy aftermath is almost four months past. I am sad to say way too many people are still displaced, with out repairs or waiting for insurance money. I am on my 17 renovation. We have been working round the clock , often 7 days a week trying to get friends, nieghbors and our community back into thier homes. Many of these people have had problems finding the resources to get them to a completed home. This link is a link to my album on Facebook, showing some horrific before pictures. I pray the people get the insurance and FEMA monies they so desperately need.https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.4937945570443.2194903.1352742366&type=3. In the mean time we are painting one house at a time.